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A dynamic nervous system is a nucleus to overall health. At Advanced Chiropractic, that’s exactly what we will comfort you with.  We treat non-surgical spine and sports injuries with the combination of therapeutic remedial massage, Chiropractic and Myotherapy (SLM) for unparalleled treatment. We have an experience of decades in spinal adjustments and sports injuries. Moreover, we are expert in treating sports injuries of specific conditions affecting wrist, ankle, hip, mid back, neck, lower back, shoulder and neck. We also provide consultancy on remedial exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling to enhance the Chiropractic treatment. Witness professional services encased with confidentiality and reliability at our clinic. Whether you run around the park once in a while for general fitness or an athletic body, We recommend you to visit at-least once a month for preventive care. Chiropractic adjustment helps the sportsman recover faster, increase the motion range, elasticity, endurance, strength and optimum performance to change the face of the game. We are contented name among Sports chiropractic in Sydney.







Sports Treatment & Diagnostic

We are continuously improving our sports treatment and diagnostic protocols, in order to amplify brilliance in sports injury care. At the same time, we look into the extremities of injuries to help you getting back into the field with a bang. An athlete goes through rigorous wear and tear of the joints because a preventive care could do wonders. With cohesive and regular Chiropractic sessions, we try to keep  joints and spine  aligned to hamper dislocation and inflammation. Pain relieving Chiropractic is a holistic and natural solution to get rid of the sports injuries. Chiropractic adjustments are the key to keep your spine, joints and soft tissue function, the way they should without surgical procedures and  medication.

At our clinic, we use advanced techniques to treat troubled muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. We are a patient-centric result oriented entity. Before Chiropractic treatment, the Myotherapist examine the troubled joints, muscle hypertonicities and reflexes. This profound examination helps us diagnose the Myofascial. The Myotherapist may refer you to another healthcare practitioner for further diagnosis or treatment, provisional upon your medical condition. You can also discuss your medical history and distressed body spots along with medicines, you are currently taking for meticulousness.

Our Certified Chiropractor in Sydney

Our certified Chiropractor in Sydney combines chiropractic, Myotherapy (SLM) & therapeutic remedial massage in the treatment. Myotherapy can do wonders, if struck on the meridians with extreme care. We are using the ancient bodywork, modified by science to treat the athletic injuries. Most common type of injuries are:

  • Limited Joint Mobility
  • Sore Spots
  • Stiff Joints
  • Numbness
  • Persistent Tingling
  • Over Exhaustion
  • Sprain Or Sciatica

This muscular and joint imbalance is usually because of over-exertion and poor posture, which lead to inflammation and dislocation of joints and discs.

Myotherapy improves length & function of the muscular system to grasp the chiropractic adjustments longer and quicker recovery within fewer sessions. Our chiropractor practices a variety of Myotherapy techniques including transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy, Myofascial dry needling, hot or cold therapy, therapeutic remedial massage and acupressure to restore muscle length and balance. Any misaligned or painful joints are then cured with chiropractic adjustments. With on-site digital x-ray, we diagnose and treat underlying concern of a bothersome spine, shoulder and neck complications. This will help you for the effective and quick recovery.  We use tender strokes and specific spinal adjustments to reorient your spine alignment for the better functionality.  An athlete needs a little more, when it comes to nutrients than others.  We suggest some warm up exercises and personalized nutritional diet as a part of the preventive care plan.

We don’t rush treatment and spend hands-on time on your treatment. Each session lasts for 60 minutes generally. In addition, we are ideally located for the residents of Lower North Shore. For appointments or inquiries, please feel free to call. You can also visit our website to have a keen insight about our service blueprint.