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Advanced chiropractic is a one stop solution to rejuvenate your body balance without surgical procedures and medication. Along with chiropractic treatment, we also provide consultancy on corrective exercises and nutritional support.We are patient centric and your satisfaction is our contentment. We offer diet and supplement advice for patients, suffering from the sports injury, cervical or lower back injuries.


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We provide complete consultancy and nutritional support. For precision, we tailor it with respect to patient preference and medical condition.

Diet Plan for Patients with Sports Injury

A complete meal enriched with nutrients to add value to your performance to change the game. That’s exactly we embark on at Advanced Chiropractic.

For patients who are suffering from sports injury. We suggest the patients, to replenish their energy reserves with food enriched in nutritional value and calories. Sports person requires more calories than a normal person because of the extreme work out. A healthy diet makes the body perform best to stay dynamic in the game.

We make diet plans for athletes, which are enriched with carbohydrates, proteins, iron, calcium, fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. This enriched supplement helps the sports person work legitimately.


We make Carbohydrates an integral part of their diet. They blow power to muscles to function properly. Enough intake of food that contains carbohydrate helps in upholding dynamism highand hinder exhaustion during workout or game. This also offers provision to a quick recovery. Carbohydrates are also vital to sustain blood-glucose levels and to swap muscle glycogen. Food like rice , bread, cereals, fruits, legumes, vegetables and dairy products are the  good source of carbohydrates.

Mostly sports person has the weight restriction and rigorous wear and tear of the muscles. To boast endurance, tissue repair and to control weight, we add protein supplements. Foods like ligament, meats and dairy products are the finest sources of protein.

We choose good fats for your diet such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, food like nuts, seeds, fish, canola and olive oils and avocados are loaded with such fats. That’s not all, we complete the diet plan with Vitamins and Minerals.

Vitamins and Minerals are the power plugs of corporeal activity. They help in energy absorption in the blood radiated from proteins, good fats and carbohydrates.



Diet Plan For Osteoarthritis Patients (Degenerative Arthritis)

We make nutritional plans for the patients suffering from bones disease along with the chiropractic treatment. In Osteoarthritis cartilage in joints break down. This affects the range of motion and flexibility. In such scenarios, weight gain could add more misery to the problem.  Moreover, to hindering or slowing down the cartilage degeneration is important. We suggest such patients to eat chondroitin sulphate and Glucosamine enriched food. We also suggest to use omega-3 fatty acids in moderation. These nutrients have regenerating and anti- flaming properties fo hinder cartilage degeneration. Food like mackerel, salmon, fish oil is rich in omega 3.

Osteoarthritis can develop and flair conditions like diabetes, obesity and gout etc. We embark on controlling the weight and sugar level to halt the cartilage degeneration and crowning of health issues. Along with nutritional plan and chiropractic, we also suggest the corrective exercise for the patient.

Diet Plan For Patients With Spinal Injury

For patients who are suffering from major spinal injury, we suggest supplements enriched with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Protein helps the tissues and muscles to recover and function well. Moreover, it also helps in keeping the weight in control and strengthen the ligaments and tissues.
On the road to recovery, patients with spinal injury are enabled to endure the physical exertion to stay dynamic. With a diminishing metabolic movement, the body consumes fewer calories. An individual can gain weight through in-taking food, rich in calories with poor nutrient value.
Our nutritional diet plan can play a pivotal role in jeopardizing the further damage to avoid medical conditions. If they don’t adhere the guidelines, they will be invulnerable to heavy weight, high cholesterol that consequently lead to diabetes or heart problem.

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