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Aching is Unavoidable, but Misery is Optional. Don’t Wait to See a Chiropractor, When it Aches.

It has been through my own personal experience and results with chiropractic that I began my study as a chiropractor. As a young child I suffered debilitating migraines from the age of 9 through to 11 years of age. These migraine would render me bed ridden for 3 days at a time, and would occur roughly on a monthly basis. The pain was so intense that I would lock myself in my room for days at a time, in a dark room as even light would intensify the pain.

As you can understand my parents were very concerned. Like most parents they took me to doctors who prescribed medication, took scans, ran tests, referred to specialists who performed more tests, ran new scans, and gave me stronger medication. All of which did was to no avail. My migraines continued. The medication dulled the pain but did not resolve the problem. The doctors and specialist at this point told my parents that there was nothing else that could be done. “Your son looks like he will be one of those people that suffers migraines throughout his life,” was all they could offer. “He will just have to manage this condition.”

It was at this point my parents stumbled onto a chiropractor. They had heard through a friend of a friend that chiropractic can help with migraine and headache. Desperate for any relief for their son, I was taken to a chiropractor. The chiropractor identified areas of subluxation, or nerve interference, in my neck that he believed could be related to the migraines. In fact he explained that the nerves from the neck run up and supply the head and the brain and that an interference to this nerve supply is a common cause for migraine.

It was soon after my adjustments began with the chiropractor that my parents noticed that I was not needing to run off to my room and hide from the pain of migraine. As month by month passed without migraine or medication my interest in chiropractic intensified and later became a passion. I spent a lot of time asking the chiropractor lots of questions about the body and the nervous system. I borrowed books on chiropractic.

You see this “chiropractic” had made such a huge impact on my life. I was no longer suffering debilitating pain. I was able to spend regular weeks at school, I was playing baseball and surfing again. In fact I had never felt healthier in all my life. I was able to be a normal kid again. How could I not be interested in chiropractic?

So at the ripe old age of eleven I decided that that’s what I want to be when I grow up!

My wife has also benefited from chiropractic care. Patricia was an asthmatic since the age of infancy. Asthma affected her everyday life. Medications and puffers were a part of her every daily routine, as it is for so many asthma suffers. Asthma attacks would interfere with her dancing as a young child and teenager, and also with her volleyball as a teenager and adult.

It was after our relationship had started that I suggested chiropractic may be able to help manage the attacks and assist with her breathing. Sometime soon after some chiropractic care Patricia noticed that her breathing became easier during her volleyball. She was not needing her Puffer medication to start a match. Then her improvements continued to the point where she wasn’t having asthma attacks as often, even with exercise. Then use and need of the asthma medication stopped completely. Patricia still enjoys a healthier life without asthma attacks and without any asthma medication.

Our two boys both have regular chiropractic adjustments. Both boys where adjusted within one hour of their birth. They are particularly healthy boys who suffer very little in the way of sickness, cold or flu’s. Chiropractic has contributed to their health growth and development. It is a special feeling when a 4 year old boy says, “Dad I’m not feeling so well. Can I have and adjustment please?” Both boys have a great understanding of how the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, when the nervous system is working correctly.