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Aching is Unavoidable, but Misery is Optional. Don’t Wait to See a Chiropractor, When it Aches

Advanced Chiropractic is nestled in Cammeray, Sydney. We are contented to offer a combination of therapeutic remedial massage, Chiropractic and Myotherapy (SLM) for unparalleled services to our patients. Our professional services encased with confidentiality, reliability and tranquil ambiance makes us a trusted Chiropractor in North Sydney.

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We are a one stop solution to revitalize your body balance, without surgical procedures. Moreover, we have an experience of 2 decades in spinal adjustments and sports injury. We are expert in treating pinched nerves, neck pain, low back pain, tension headaches and migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, slipped discs, whiplash and sport injuries. Along with the spinal and postural screenings, we also embark on corrective exercises, lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling to augment the Chiropractic treatment. Witness professional services encased with confidentiality and reliability for quicker recovery.

At our clinic, you will get holistic patient-centric effective therapy. Before Chiropractic treatment, the Myotherapist will manipulate and examine the troubled joints and connected muscles. At the same time, your reflexes will be examined professionally. This initial and thorough examination helps the certified myotherapist to discover, whether the indications are myofascial or not. The Myotherapist may route you to other healthcare experts for additional treatment or diagnosis, contingent upon the therapeutic condition. You can also discuss your medical history and troubled body spots along with medicines, you are currently taking for precision.

Myotherapy can do wonders, if struck on the meridians with extreme care. Over centuries of pragmatic study has polished Japanese bodywork into a stimulating art.

We are carrying forward the same heritage to cure the chronic myofascial pain, including:
 Limited Joint Mobility
 Sore Spots
 Stiff Joints
 Numbness
 Persistent Tingling
 Exhaustion
 Sciatica
 Athletic Injuries

The muscle and joint imbalance is usually because of over-exertion, poor posture, athletic injuries. These reasons lead to inflammation of joints, muscles and discs.

We believe it’s mandatory to improve muscular dysfunction and imbalance, before chiropractic treatment of joints and spine. Myotherapy is used to balance the length & function of the muscular system, to grasp the chiropractic adjustments for longer and quicker recovery within fewer sessions. We recommend our patients to take Myotherapy often to reduce exhaustion, strengthen the nervous system, rejuvenate the bodily tissues, drill mobility and to preserve health overall.

Our chiropractor practices a variety of Myotherapy techniques including myofascial dry needling, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy, hot or cold therapy, therapeutic remedial massage and acupressure. This helps our patients restore muscle length and balance. Any painful or misaligned joints are then corrected with the chiropractic adjustments. With digital x-ray imaging, we detect the origin of an annoying neck, spine and shoulder complications. We drill therapeutic remedial massage in the treatment plan as well, if needed. By using gentle, precise, specific spinal adjustments to reorient your spine alignment and function, we embark on correcting the underlying concern for a quick recovery.

We are Customer Driven & Your Satisfaction is Our Contentment.

Our devoted practitioner doesn’t rush treatment and spend hands-on time with you. Mostly, patients with Myofascial dysfunction get relieved within fewer sessions of cohesive therapy. Each session lasts for one hour usually. We are ideal for the residents, looking for Chiropractor in Lower North Shore. For appointments or inquiries, please feel free to call or crawl our website to have a profound acumen on the services.

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Chiropractic treatment can help to:

  • Sports Injury
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Nutritional Plan
  • Family Chiropractic

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No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.